What is TaVaci?

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Jan - May

TaVaci (pronounced Tuh-VAW-See) is a performing arts group (boys and girls ages 3-13) committed to the growth and development of children. Through music, play, and professional training, students will learn: 

-proper vocal techniques
-stage presence
-narration delivery
-audition skills
-comedic timing
-facial expression
-performing skills
-and more!

Now here’s the sneaky part-- they are also building self esteem, using their imagination, developing talents, and improving communication skills! Through this training, students will be comfortable performing in any situation. Classes are FUN FUN FUN! We never stop moving, dancing, playing, and learning. High energy, lots of laughs. None of that boring stuff.

TaVaci will hold two professional shows per year (December and May) in the beautiful AFHS auditorium. You will not want your child to miss this fun musical theater experience!

*If these times do not work for your schedule, please call me! 208-705-9476
3:00 - 3:40: Preschool and 1/2 Day Kindergarteners 
3:45 - 4:35: 3rd - 4th grades
4:40 - 5:20: Full Day Kindergarteners and 1st & 2nd grades
5:25 - 6:15: 5th - 8th grades

Classes begin Monday, January 11th!

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