Pricing and Policies

-Tuition is charged by semester, not by lesson or month
-Tuition may be paid by the year or broken into automatic recurring monthly installments for your convenience. 
-For those who choose monthly billing, tuition will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month September 2021- May of 2022. 

We have a new computer program which handles all payments. You will be asked to enter your credit/debit card information or AHC bank info for automatic payments. Now, you don't have to remember and I don't have to remind you-- win/win!

Payments have been redistributed for simplicity. The usual concert fee and prop fees are now included in the following payments (yay!):

Fall Semester Tuition Rates 2021 (prop/concert fees are now included w/ tuition)
$152/semester OR 4 installments of $38 (charged on the 5th day of Sept-Dec)

Spring Semester Tuition Rates 2021 (prop and concert fees now included w/ tuition)
$190/semester OR 5 installments of $38 (charged on the 5th day of Jan-May)

REGISTRATION FEE $40/family per year (now includes concert and prop fees) As with all performance groups, there is a registration fee due upon registering each year. This fee covers music orchestration, live music rights, rehearsal tracks (CDs and digital), lesson materials, and concert fees (allows your family and friends to get into the shows at no charge)

Note: Registration is good for the entire year. If any siblings join us in the Spring, you do NOT need to re-register or pay again. Just let me know :)

CONCERT FEE - now included in your registration/tuition :)
This allows us to offer free admission to as many friends and family as you want to invite to our concerts at the beautiful American Falls High School Fine Arts Center. This fee helps offset costs of the tech, stage, and lighting crew. This is a highly professional show in a world class auditorium-- an experience your child will get no where else! The concerts are FREE to the public, so invite anyone you would like!

PROP FEES: now included in your registration/tuition :)
This covers any props we use in the shows or in class (you keep!), as well as instruction materials, prizes, etc.

COSTUME FEE (due in Nov/Mar, if needed)
Boys $15 for tie (3rd-6th) or bowtie and cummerbund (pre-2nd)
You provide: black dress shirt (collared, long sleeve, button down w/ black buttons. See example here), black dress pants, black socks, black shoes

Girls $38 for performance top
You provide: black dress pants/leggings, black socks, black shoes

We usually use these costumes for as long as you are in TaVaci! This means you only buy a costume when your student advances to 3rd grade, or when your child outgrows the costume you own.  You may be able to sell your used, good condition costume when it no longer fits, and/or buy used pieces as your child grows.  Please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in these options.    

Attendance to every class is much appreciated, as children perform well when they are confident about their music.(Please stay home when sick.) We occasionally have extra practices for specialty numbers that may involve some of the students. These specialty numbers are optional, but are REALLY FUN! Technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals are mandatory. You will be given plenty of advanced notice of dates and times. These rehearsals are closed to the public and parents. Specialty, technical, and dress rehearsals are no extra charge.   

The concert is an integral part of your child's performance training. It's the most positive of all the music activities in improving self esteem and confidence. There will be two concerts annually (Christmas and Spring). All concerts and performances are free and open to the public. 

Occasionally, we are invited to perform at other special events. Attendance for these special events is NOT mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. There is no additional charge for these performances. Rehearsal times, performance times, location and attire will be given to you and your student in advance.  

I understand my child may be photographed or video taped for promotional, training, or social media purposes. We never share full names of children or any personal details.  

Please contact me with any questions! 208-705-9476

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