NEW Flex Classes


  NEW Flex Classes!

This is a new and innovative solution offered for students who have scheduling conflicts every Monday.

*I highly recommend the in-person weekly TaVaci program for friendships, face to face instruction, and more in depth learning.

HOWEVER, I wanted to create a way for children to participate if Mondays are never an option for them, or for those who have difficulty getting out to  Rockland. 

It is less of a time commitment and less traveling, with the benefits of still participating in our highly acclaimed program and show. 

What you will get: 

—choreography videos

—rehearsal tracks 

—5 live Zoom classes taught by a professional performer and experienced online teacher (me!). These will be recorded and available to watch later if you ever have to miss 

—performance experience in a highly professional show 

Students will: 

—practice songs at home on own time

—attend (or watch recordings of) 5 live zoom classes (Friday mornings)

—attend 1 in person technical rehearsal the week of the show (Rockland)

—attend dress rehearsal (Friday night, December 2nd, American Falls)

—perform in the concert (Saturday, December 3rd, American Falls)

Note: I have taught over 3,400 online classes for children. I know how to make online music classes FUN and engaging! Online learning works!

Fall Tuition: $160 (can be broken down into monthly installments) 

Registration Fee: $45 per family per year (covers music rights, concert fees, and concert props)

Costume Fee: 

Boys $15 for tie (3rd-6th) or bowtie and cummerbund (pre-2nd). You provide: black dress shirt (collared, long sleeve, button down w/ black buttons. See example here), black dress pants, black socks, black shoes

Girls $38 for performance top
You provide: black dress pants/leggings, black socks, black shoes

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